• Andrew

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Every skill we learn is by trial and error - Think about it!

We make an attempt, miss the mark, consciously correct on the next trial and repeat, until finally…. after so many failed attempts…we eventually hit on success!

Success feels good - it’s rewarding and we recall the process that delivered it - reinforcing it through repetition and practice!

Whether it’s learning to walk, ride a bike, drive a car or get along socially with other human beings, the process is the same.

Errors, mistakes, failures and sometimes even our humiliations are necessary steps in the learning process. They’re meant to be means to an end. When they’ve served their purpose, the failed attempts need to be forgotten.

But what happens when the result was too painful, too humiliating or the guilt too crippling? What if it stopped you from trying one more time?

Memories of previous failed attempts can negatively affect present performance, if we fall into the trap of dwelling on them and conclude: ”I failed yesterday—therefore I’ll fail again today.”

It’s here that we’re victimized by our conscious, thinking mind - the part of our mind that makes assumptions, draws conclusions….sets expectations and “goals”.

Worse still, our subconscious, feeling mind will influence our thoughts and behaviours to fulfil those “expectations”.

Unfortunately the more we focus on the pain, the guilt, the fear and the failure, the more we reinforce the thinking that produced it…it’s a bit like picking a scab!

It's made worse by our conscious mind convincing us that "talking it through" will lead to a logical resolution! (Though this can feel good temporarily, we often slip back into the negative and its worst...a "victim" mind set)

The good news is - The minute that we decide to change our minds - to stop giving power to the past (with its mistakes), the past loses power over us. It sounds simple - and in practise, it is. With the help of a trained therapist and guided visualisation the process of "letting go, re-balancing and re-setting" our mindset can be achieved in as few as 3 sessions.

Once we allow the subconscious to let go of these negative images and feelings - the fear, guilt, humiliation, powerlessness and pain….and accept our experiences as history, the mind begins to rebalance and reset. The powerful subconscious will then acknowledge that "failure" is just experience that brings us one step closer to success….and that with perseverance, success is ultimately inevitable!

Permanent healing - re-setting with positive expectations and re-calibrating the minds - both Conscious and Subconscious - is not best achieved by re-living, re-examining and reinforcing (!) the painful past….but surprisingly, by letting sleeping dogs lie….and with the help of planned and structured approach, looking forward to a positive and deservedly happy future.

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