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Anxiety Therapist - Andrew Coutts

"You don't have to live with anxiety, stress, depression and feeling flat. 

Don't suffer another day..."

What is PST?

Private Subconscious Therapy is a gentle experience involving deep relaxation and guided visualisation, conducted in person and one-on-one.​

Therapy is typically completed within just three, 90 minute sessions. ​

Every client's experience is unique but many describe feelings of drifting awareness and mild drowsiness following a session. The environment is comfortable, quiet and emotionally safe.

Because PST works at the subconscious level the therapist and client do not "explore" potential traumas or causes - meaning there is no need for discussions of past painful experiences.

Individual responses vary but over 85% report positive outcomes with some clients reporting improvement from as early as the first session. 

The subconscious continues the process of healing over time with many clients reporting continued improvement over several months.

How the Mind Works.

To understand how PST therapy succeeds when others have failed, we need to look into how our complex minds work:

Fundamentally, the human mind is dominated by two key areas - the Conscious and the Subconscious.

The Conscious (Thinking) mind deals with the "Here & Now", forming ideas and communicating to both the "outside" world and the "inner self" through speech, pictures, writing and physical movement. It's the words we speak and the voice in our head but for all that noise, it represents only 10% of our mind power.


The Conscious mind Directs us.

The Subconscious (Feeling) mind is the storehouse of all memories and past experiences, both those that have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten (are no longer important to us). It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, feelings, habits, and behaviors are formed. Quiet, mysterious and unassuming, the subconscious is over 90% of our mind power.                  

The Subconscious mind... Drives us.

The Subconscious constantly communicates with the Conscious mind providing us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, as filtered through our beliefs, experiences and habits. It communicates through feelings, emotions, imagination, sensations, and dreams. The subconscious mind is EXTREMELY powerful and dominates all of our behaviour.

When our Conscious and Subconscious minds are not aligned, when our thoughts and feelings are in conflict, we struggle. Worse still, our emotional "feeling" Subconscious will always dominate our "thinking" Conscious mind (90% v's 10%!!)  Left unresolved, the results can be crippling, with mental anguish and real physical pain, manifesting in a range of symptoms from depression, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety, to chronic pain and skin & digestive disorders. 

How PST Works

Based on the science of "neuro-plasticity" (the ability of the brain to rewire itself) Psychologists refer to PST as a “Bridging System Therapy” - meaning it works on building better connections (bridges) between the conscious and subconscious mind. There are literally millions of these connections as every thought, every word and every action (from our conscious mind) links back to a specific feeling in our Subconscious.

It’s the combination of the logical “thought” (conscious) and the “feeling”(subconscious) that completes the total message as a "concept" or “memory”. 


Sometimes (actually pretty often!) the links are not quite right. In most cases our minds repair and rewire themselves (one of the functions of good quality sleep)- but sometimes they don’t. Left unresolved, the results can be a range of symptoms from anxiety, depression, phobias and fatigue to chronic skin & digestive disorders.

PST works by inducing a state of relaxation (not a deep hypnosis!) and introducing imagery and words that activate the subconscious allowing the re-building of healthy, appropriate “bridges” with the Conscious mind. With the conscious and subconscious now aligned - thoughts and feelings are resolved - anxiety & depression symptoms disappear. The “work” is done by the patient’s own mind - rewiring the brains' connections - the therapist is only the facilitator!

By building better, healthier connections in the brain, PST is a very effective therapy and typically requires as few as 3 sessions to achieve positive results, even with clients with a long history of anxiety & depression.

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