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What Our Clients Say.

Unsolicited comments from PST clients

"Have to share this again. Can't recommend enough. Depression of 20+ years gone. Anxiety of 10+ years gone. 
Thank you so much Andrew." - Karyn (Business Consultant)

"I'd lived with (clinically diagnosed) Panic Disorder for over 10 years. It has been over a month since my last session ...So many aspects of my life have changed in a positive way. I write this in the hope that someone as skeptical as me will read it and give PST a try."     - Amanda (Trained Nurse)

"My instinct was I was "blocked" and couldn't shift any feelings - I was depressed and very emotional. Today I feel amazing. I feel lighter, clearer and rarely get angry. I can let go of horrible thoughts and feelings quickly. I no longer suffer from migraine.... I just feel better all the time!! I would definitely recommend PST to absolutely anyone. Get ready for a fantastic you!" - Nay (Radio Host)

"I drank too much for 20 years. I smoked for 30 years. Not only do I not smoke or drink but I have no inclination to do so. Totally wonderful. My life is very different now. I am relaxed, happy and confident. My guess is that you are about to regain control of your life in a most wonderful way." - William

"Even after the first treatment I felt an incredible lightness and level of optimism that I had not experienced for friends noticed the difference in me. I'm sure everyone would benefit from PST!" - Fran

"Without PST I wouldn't be participating in my own life as I am today" - Jan

"Before I came to see you I was deeply unhappy, angry and yelling all the time, very negative...not a nice person to be with. I can scarcely reconcile that now, post PST with that person.I am thrilled with my newfound peace and confidence. my outlook has changed and my faith in the future has been restored." - Suzanne.

"I am 40 years old and have suffered from depression for 30 of those years. After my PST sessions the depression slowly but surely vanished over approximately 6 months. I am happy to say it has gone completely. My confidence too has been lifted and I feel good about being me. " - Darren

Take a Moment to Relax & Restore....

Want to stop for just a moment and catch your breath? Take some time out as Colin Fryer from PST by the SEA - Cairns takes you on a voyage of relaxation and restoration...

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