• Andrew

Breakthrough Thinking!

"Game Changing" innovations and breakthrough performances all start with just an idea....a thought. From this seed, a belief is formed deep in the subconscious...a belief that repeats and repeats, each time gaining strength. The belief is "I can..."

From thought to belief, to goal with desire and focus - the path is clear

With this clarity of focus you begin to direct your subconscious mind to deliver your breakthrough goal!

The theory is simple but the process requires discipline, so let’s break it down:

1 Be clear on your goal. Make sure it’s a positive outcome you’re focusing on (the subconscious only operates on the goal not the idea of the goal - for example “I will be healthy” is a positive statement but “I will not be sick” is negative and can have damaging consequences!)

2 Visualise the positive results that flow from achieving your goal and develop strong positive thoughts and beliefs to support it. The clearer the visualisation, the stronger the effect on the subconscious

3 Each day spend time focusing on your goals with positive thoughts and positive beliefs. Consistency is key!

4 Act “as if” and get to work! You have to take action to achieve your desired goal. The expression “Do. Be. Have.” is commonly used to remind us that first we must Do the things that lead us to Be the person to Have what we want. Want to be fit? Do the things fit people do!

5 Keep at it! - Results are assured when you persist and persevere…believe it!

These 5 steps will go a long way to delivering the results you’re looking for - of course there are others - gentle exercise, good diet, the support of a few close friends…but start here and take notice of the opportunities that develop.

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