• Andrew

A Different View of Depression

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It seems that every day we hear somewhere in the news that depression is on the rise. Some have referred to it as the 21st century epidemic. Diagnosis continues at an alarming rate and prescribed medication isn’t making a dent on it!

So what’s going on?

The first insight is that our entire society is not that well and that our western culture is at the core of our “dis-ease”. The demands of our frenetically driven “More is better” society are straining us emotionally and psychologically well beyond our natural balance, leaving too many of us disenchanted, isolated and anxious.

And it’s that anxiety that is all too often the problem. You see, anxiety has our mind and body in overdrive, frenetically thrashing around in a permanent state of “Fight or Flight”. Adrenaline and Cortisol are saturating our system and we’re constantly on high alert. Our bodies were never meant to operate like this.

Anxiety has it’s place - it’s our natural way of preparing ourselves mentally and physically for a challenge. It sharpens our senses, increases blood flow to some organs and temporarily reduces it to others considered non-essential to “Fight or Flight” (Fighting our way out of a situation or Flight - running away!). But it’s designed to be a TEMPORARY response!

When we find ourselves emotionally stuck in a near permanent state of fearful anticipation, with anxiousness that just won't leave us - we end up edgy, unwell and EXHAUSTED!

So here’s were Depression comes in….to help!

The risk of psychological and physical “burn-out” from long term exposure to anxiety is real. Our bodies and our minds are not made to run that hard, for that long.

As with so many systems, our bodies have a safety valve - a system that prevents us from over extending. It slows us down and keeps us down while our body repairs. Like a computer re-booted in "Safe Mode", we cant operate on our usual level…but we can operate. Clinicians refer to this reduced state of functionality as Depression.

Nobody here is suggesting that Depression is a good thing, but it certainly isn't the enemy - It's simply a warning sign that something isn’t “right” at our subconscious level causing us to feel anxious. It’s also why Subconscious Therapies are so successful in dealing with anxiety based Depression. By resolving the underlying subconscious issue - re-setting the mind and returning the body to balance, the symptoms of anxiety and depression aren’t just masked, as with medication, but are permanently lifted.

I'll write more on "Depression and Isolation" in my next blog. In the meantime, for more details visit "The Details" on my website.