Get your Life Back 

PST by the SEA​

For the treatment of Anxiety & Depression​.

Each day, life challenges us… and we respond, as best we can.

Through lived experience, we learn to survive, to cope...

But sometimes the lessons we’ve used to survive and cope are NOT the ones we need to THRIVE.

They’re holding us back...leaving us stressed, anxious & depressed!

Meet Andrew Coutts

Passionate and experienced, as an accredited PST practitioner, Andrew holds a Bachelor degree in Science, a Grad. Dip in Bridging Systems Therapy and has over 20 years experience in counselling and consultancy. 

Introduced to PST over 20 years ago through a personal exploration of leading edge performance enhancing psychotherapies, today, he works from his Mornington Peninsula base where he continues to consult and research the latest therapeutic developments. 

Practice Areas

Fast, effective & permanent - Private Subconscious Therapy (PST) is a proven approach to dealing with a wide range of negative thoughts, behaviours and physical symptoms. Gentle, respectful and focused on a permanent solution, it's a guided therapy that unlocks the capacity of the mind to deal with stress, anxiety & depression - building resilience, restoring the body to balanced physical and mental health.

Importantly, PST is Private - achieving results without the need to "explore" past painful experiences, instead focussing on permanent, positive outcomes.


PST is also a "Brief Therapy"- meaning it achieves results in as few as 3 sessions.

Drug free, PST has been clinically proven to work extremely effectively (even on long term sufferers) with over 85% of clients reporting positive outcomes

Effective. Private. Proven. In just 3 sessions PST addresses:



Anxiety is a normal stress response. But when fear, worry and nervousness become chronic, resulting in multiple “fight-or-flight” type physical responses out of all proportion to the situations that cause them, it's a sign that indicate an anxiety disorder has developed.



Recurring flashbacks, nightmares & panic attacks triggered by  memories and physical situations can severely impact quality of life. Post Traumatic Stress feels locked in..and freshly terrifying each time it's experienced.


Depression and anxiety disorders are frequently diagnosed together. Both thrive on continuously negative, pessimistic thinking. Depression often appears  following years of chronic anxiety.


Low Self Esteem

Often the result of childhood experiences, LSE can have a devastating impact on our life choices - work, social life, partners - every relationship. Despite the long term effects, the solution is remarkably straightforward.


Panic Attacks

Severely debilitating, Panic Attacks can result in rapid heartbeat, dizziness, breathing difficulties, sweating, dry mouth, intense fear of fainting, inability to think or concentrate, tightness in the chest...the list is long!.


Fear & Anger

Both closely related - fear dominates our decision making and limits our options. The result is a deep seated frustration often expressed as repressed anger. PST works quickly to address the underlying cause. 

Unsolicited client feedback comments:

"Can't recommend enough. Depression of 20+ years gone. Anxiety of 10+ years gone. 
Thank you so much Andrew." - Karyn (Business Consultant)

"Even after the first treatment I felt an incredible lightness and level of optimism that I had not experienced for friends noticed the difference in me. I'm sure everyone would benefit from PST!" - Fran

"Really good experience ....a great leader & communicator throughout the process." 

"Andrew - you have a great way of connecting. Great job. I’d definitely recommend you."

PST by the SEA provides a safe and compassionate place where clients get the tools, encouragement and support to navigate through life's challenges.