• Andrew

Anxiety and Life in these uncertain times...

Updated: Sep 8

For many of us, coping with the unfolding COVID-19 developments brings on heightened levels of stress and anxiety as we focus on our concerns for self, family and friends. Staying up to date on the daily details can feel stressful, scary and sometimes overwhelming…leaving us feeling as if we’re barely hanging on.

Here are a few ideas you can use..right now…to help you get your feelings back under control!


Watch or read only what is absolutely necessary in regards to your employment, school openings/closures or anything else that affects your immediate needs….then tune out. Stop your daily news notifications and avoid searching for updates online. Right now social media…in fact almost all media is toxic, creating undue stress, panic and fuelling the fire of anxiety. Be smart, be aware, then step away and focus on your daily living. Remember to only focus on things YOU can control!


If your new norm is working from home, get a routine going ASAP. Routines create order and structure and allow you to focus on work at hand. If you have to adjust to children being at home, modify your schedule to allow for space and time to care and support them.

This is all new territory for most of us, it is ever changing, and there are other humans involved. So, give yourself a break here…You will not be perfect at this, no one will be…but it’s OK


Take time… even if only a few minutes a day… to get out and go for a walk (Of course, keeping a safe distance from others.) Can’t get outside? Find a home based work-out that works for are dozens of free apps or YouTube videos to assist you. Spend 5-15 minutes doing this every day. These short meditations can be just what you need to balance work and home life...and if you just want some “time out”, here’s a simple one :


Keep your meals simple. Make what you can with what you have. Be creative. Adjusting to a change in your grocery shopping habits can feel stressful, but take this opportunity to adjust your perspective and accept that meals should be simple and as nourishing as they can be.


It can be hard to fall asleep…and stay asleep.. when we’re feeling stressed. Of course, avoid screen time before bed. If you feel you must, make sure you’ve curated your social media feeds to have only positive influences. Books and magazines are best but please…read...any kind of reading…and while I said screens are out, if you absolutely have to, give Kindle a go. Listen to music you find relaxing or comforting. Take a warm shower..Stretch or even meditate, again!


Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t talk to a loved one or check on friends. Stay connected via text, calls or facetime...Connect and engage… I suggest making daily contact with at least 3 people every day…we need to remind each other that we’re all in this together, and that together, we’ll get through it.

Share good news stories and discuss creative solutions to these new daily challenges - from work management ideas, to exercise programs..and even recipes…it’s time to share! And if you’re in a position where you can help another…do it. It’ll be good for them, but GREAT for how it makes you feel!

Lastly…and this sounds a little strange..but be grateful…because despite the panic merchant media and indifferent responses from some, we are going to be ok. We will get through this and we might find the world a little kinder for the experience…and we could all do with a little kindness, care and understanding right now.

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