"The world... is a product of our thoughts. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking"



Our mind and body are so strongly interconnected that our deep subconscious thoughts can not only sabotage our behaviour.....but make us physically ill.

Our bodies and minds have amazing ability to restore healthy balance.

Broken bodies heal themselves - infections are fought & overcome -  we automatically adapt to temperature changes and anticipate and respond to threats....and we don't give it a conscious thought!

But our subconscious mind is hard at work....making things happen, taking in everything and linking experiences with outcomes, it forms deeply held beliefs and behaviours to protect us....some rational, others counterproductive, illogical and unintentionally damaging.


Private Subconcious Therapy accesses the subconscious to allow the mind to privately and gently review and reevaluate these beliefs - allowing it to reset and restore the natural relaxed and re-energised balance with no conscious thought or effort.

PST is clinically proven to be one of the most effective treatments for rapidly dealing with a broad range of symptoms including: 

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, post natal depression, panic attacks, PTSD, performance and creativity blocks, Fear, anger, guilt, grief, low self-esteem and other negative behaviour patterns.

The study of the Subconscious mind attracts attention in the highest scientific circles as further research identifies the enormous power it exerts, not only over our Conscious (logical thinking) mind and our behaviour, but on our body's own chemistry.


PST by the SEA is proudly a part of this community.

PST by the SEA.

For the treatment of Anxiety & Depression    

Frankston/Mornington Peninsula   

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